Greco EG-360, it should be very early production before Narumo Les Paul. Absoultely, it has detachable neck. The tail piece is incredibly fixed. type. As a Les Paul model guitar, this really not Les Paul. But it is really histric guitar to understand Japanese Vintage guitar history. Greco is actaully started from EG-360 (well, they have more old, but not
really great sales). This guitar came from the imagination of Japanese engineer of this industry.@This guitar wull be shipped by plastc gig case, not hard type case.
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Body Material Plywood
Neck Material looks like Maple
Weight (Kg) 3.7
PU Original PU
ConditionU Fair
Estimated shipping weight 7@Kgs
Brand or Manufacturer GRECO
Model EG-360
Serial Number None
Product Year (Estimated) 1971
Body Color Brown Sunburst
Price NOS

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