Code Model Description Condition Price in US$
80020052 SG-600 LP SG Model Wine Red Large PG@1974 Fair Sold
80020059 SE-800 Strat Model Sunburst #I764065 Mint Sold
80020064 PD-600 Les Paul Personal Model 1974 Fair Sold
80020070 SG-600 SP SG Model Wine Red Small PG Mint Sold
80020147 EG-800WR Les Paul (Narumo) Wine Red 1978 Mnit Sold
80020692 EG-360S Les Paul Sunburst Fair NFS
80020625 S-900 GO-III Proto 1979 made Mint Sold
80020693 RD-650 Gibson Recording model 70' made Mint Sold
80020212 GO-III 800 GO-III 800 B.C.Rich Circuit Very Rare Mint Sold
80020241 EG-85 Les Paul STD Sunburst 1990 made Mint Sold
80020290 MM-600W Gibson Melody Maker Replica 1980's made
Mint Sold
80020601 GZ-1800WF GRECO Zmaitis w/original H. Case Mint Sold
80020642 EG59-60 Les Paul STD Sunburst 80's deep Joint Mint Sold
80020712 LP-JR Les Paul Jr Sunburst 80's Fujigen Fair Sold
80020718 TE-500W Telecaster Blonze MFB 79 Made Fujigen Mint Sold
80020739 EG-Custom Les Paul Type D-Cutway 70's custom made Mint Sold
80020885 M-600 Mirage Black --- like Ibanez Iceman Series Mint Sold
80020966 TL-500N Telecaster Fujigen Natural MFB 1977 Mint- Sold
80021182 SG-600 Greco SG model Mid 70's made Mint Sold
80000036 SE-500YSB Strat Fijigen Made YSB MFB 1977 Fair Sold
80000057 ME-700 Messenger Replica Wine Red Mint+ NFS
80000064 SE-500YSB Strat Fijigen Made YSB MFB 1980 Custom Mint Sold
80000142 BM-900 Brian May Red Special 1977 Fujigen made Mint Sold
80000237 DE-700 Danelectro 3021 Model 1988 Made Mint- Sold
80000249 SE-500YSB/M Strat Fijigen Made YSB MFB 1981 Mint Sold
80000293 BC-1800 Mockingbird Replica Maho Body 1980 made Mint- Sold
80000298 SE-500B/M Strat Fijigen Made Black MFB 1979 Fair Sold
80000334 SE-600J Strat Fijigen Made JB Model 1979 Mint Sold
80000342 SE-500YSB/R Strat 72 model Fijigen 1979- Made Rebuilt Sold
80000346 RG-750 Rickenbucker 325 model 1980 Made Mint- Sold
80000376 SE-700W/R Strat 68 model Fijigen 1978 Made Fair Sold
80000378 SE-500B/M Strat 68 Lefty model Fijigen Rare Fair Sold
80000398 SE-700SB/R Strat 66 model Fijigen 1979 Made Fair Sold
80000408 EG-650N Les Paul Model Similllar w/Ibanez2393 Mint- Sold
80000414 GZ-200WF GRECO Zemaitis Model Fair Sold
80000415 MG-600 Melody Maker model Fijigen 1975 Made Mint NFS
80000417 RG-850 Rickenbucker 360 model 1980 Made Mint- Sold
80000428 SE-500B/M Strat 57 model Fijigen 1978 Made Fair Sold
80000430 TV-500 Les Paul TV Model Mid 70's made Fair Sold
80000432 RG-750 Rickenbucker 325 model 1980 Made Mint- Sold
80000448 L-6S B/M L6-S model Black Maple Finger Board Mint- Sold
80000463  SE-500B/M  Strat 70's model Fijigen 1980 Made   Fair   Sold
80000469 SE-450B/M Strat 70's model Fijigen 1982 Made Mint- Sold
80000498 SE-500YSB/M Strat 70's model Fijigen 1978 Made Rebuilt 498.00+
80000523 SE-500B/M Strat 57 model Fijigen 1981 Made Fair Sold
80000524 SE-500SB/R Strat 60's model Fijigen 1978 Made Fair Sold
80000531 FV-600 Flying V model 1978 Fujigen made Fair+ Sold
80000536 SA-450SB Original Semi-Acoustic 1973 Made Mint- Sold
80000537 RG-750 Rickenbucker 325 model 1981 Made Fair Sold
80000558 SE-800N/M Strat model Fijigen 1976 Made Mint Sold
80000574 SE-500B/M Strat 68 model Fijigen 1978 Made Mint- 398.00+
80000601 RG-750 Rickenbucker 325 model 1981 Made Fair Sold
80000633 RG-850 Rickenbucker 360 model 1987 Made Mint- Sold
80000648 RG-100 Rickenbucker 360 model early 70's Made Mint- Sold
80000728  RG-850  Rickenbucker 360 model 1987 Made  Mint-  Sold
80000735  SE-800SB/M  Strat model Fijigen 1977 Made   Fair Sold
80000740  RG-95(900)   Rickenbucker 360-12 model 1988 Made  Mint-  Sold
80000764   SE-800SB/M  Strat model Fijigen 1979 Made   Mint-   Sold
80000770  SE-380B/M  Strat model Fijigen 1979 Made    Fair   Sold
80000798 RG-90 BLK  Rickenbucker 360 model 1991 Made  Mint- Sold
80000813 EX-800  Explore EC   Rebuilt   ASK
80000822 SS-600  Greco SG Model  Mint-   Sold
80000823 GO-1200  Greco Original Model Mint-   1,250.00+
EX-Mint Almost like New, All original
Mint+ No scratch, dent, Metal parts fair, Original Parts
Mint Good Condition, some parts are replaced
Fair Fair, but some parts are replaced
Rebuild Rebulid, good condition
NFS Not For Sale

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