is a division of Dai-Show Corporation, Yokohama, Japan.
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If you would like to contact us, send message for
This address use for sales accounts of all our business.

Dai-Show is operating the 3 divisions such as Musical related, Japanese Made
Industrial MRO sales and Exclusive Export Business Division.

Under division, we are exporting the brand new guitars, guitar parts and vintage JV guitars worldwide. We are also importing the fine guitar parts for Japanese domestic market.


Many people sent us the evaluation request for your guitar. We have done before, but we have received many requests and these made us very busy too. Please do not send the said requests.(Many people sent a large size pictures too!)
I personally like to have a look these guitars. However, many poeple ask us to do it just like Friend, without name your introduction...
We will do it only for our clients who purchased any guitars from us.

Some people asked us to evaluate the guitars on eBay whether price is fine or descriptions are true...
We will charge US$@50.00 for each evaluation, if you really need it.

indicate your name and at least country name. We could not calculate the freight without your information. We think it is common sense when yoiu send us the inquiry. If you don't like it. Please do not send the message.

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