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apanese Guitar Manufacturers

ARIA http://www.ariaguitars.com/jp/
Atelie Z http://www.atelierz.co.jp/
Atlansia http://www.atlansia.jp/
Chushin http://www.jacksonstars.com/
Combat http://www.combat-guitars.com/
Crews http://www.crewsguitars.co.jp/
Deviser http://www.deviser.co.jp/
ESP http://www.espguitars.co.jp/
Fender Japan http://www.fenderjapan.co.jp/
Fernandes http://www.fernandes.co.jp/
Fillmore http://www.mosrite.co.jp/
Fujigen http://www.fujigen.co.jp/
Greco (Kanda) http://kandashokai.co.jp/
Ibanes http://www.ibanez.co.jp/
Killer Guitars http://www.killer.jp/
KWAI http://www.kawai.co.jp/
Kyowa http://www.kyowashokai.co.jp/
Moon PGM http://www.moon-guitar.co.jp/
Morris http://www.morris-guitar.com/
Schector http://www.schecter.co.jp/
Taurus http://www.taurus-jp.com/
Tokai http://www1.odn.ne.jp/tokaigakki/
T's Guitar http://www.guitar-shop.co.jp/
YAMAHA http://www.yamaha.co.jp/
Zodiac http://www.zodiacworks.com/

Japanese Guitar Builder (mostly hand made)

Global Warming & Guitars

The guitars were made by wooden material mainly. We are not sure how many guitars have
been made for past years. The some wooden parts of guitars have been in danger of
extinction. The strings used the Stainless steel and other materials How we could recycle these ?
The natural materials are limited. We should recognize it and how we could contribute for
Global Warming problem ! We are now developping the new natural materials.

Reference Books

Bokura Ga Tsukutta Guitar NO Meiki (Great guitars we made)--Hisesato Shiino Bunshu Shingo
The book Mr. Hidesato Shiino wrote in 2010. His history on guitar industry is really Japanese guitar industry business. He alows me to translate this book. If any overseas publisher would like to edit, please contact us!

Japan Vintage No.1 -8 ---- Shinko Music Co.Ltd.
These are great books, I love. I didn't directly refer these books. However, I learn many things
specially specifications, serial and etc... Excellent Book !

Yamaha SG Graffiti ---- Shinko Music Co.Ltd.

This is bible of Yamaha SG series. If you have an opportunity, look !!!
If you are thinking, you have master degree of Yamaha SG. You should have this on your desk.
Excellent !!! Thanks Shinko Music.

Guitar Graphic NO.1 - NO.9 --- Ritto Music

These books are issued around 1989-1999. I can't remember exactly. These are great books to know
more about the vintage guitars include JV's.

Japan Vintage Collection No.1 - NO.9

These are just photo books of JV's. The explanation is very limited. Just enjoy the photos.

Gakki no hon (Musical Instrument book --- Player Corporation 1976

This was issued by Player Magazine Japan. Pretty old book to show the many guitars at that time.
If you like JV, I also recommend you to keep one on your desk.

The Electric Guitar Collection - Kida Collection - Komakusa Publishing

Really good book. But very expensive book. This book is showing about many Vintage guitars.
There 2 books showing overseas made and Japanese domestic made guitars.
(1 book about 150 pages + 1 DVD). We have a few stock.

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