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Who is making the JV guitar?

Many companies offered the different brands for Japanese market. Well, of course, the guitar
industries have been doing the business. They should think about the efficiency of manufacturing.
Some of them haven't got a manufacturing facilities and have asked the subcontractors to produce
the guitars. This is business.
First of all, all companies have dome the marketing, then start the sales concept and business plan.
After that, started to look for the manufacturer (well some of them own it)
Brand name is, sometime, just following the brand distribution. Like Greco (Kanda Shokai) Fernandes,
they don't have their own factories.

However, the for user standing points, we would like to know who made it ?
The below chart were made by ourselves. Please note that we tried to find out the right information.
We referred most of information from JV book and internet info. Therefore, we could not take any
responsibility. Please use this just one of information.If somebody know more detailed information,
please let us know we would update this chart.

Well, actually, it doesn't matter who made it ? Because we love JV guitars !

Who is Japanese Leo Fender?

Well, Even Japanese don't know well about him now. He is real great founder! Click above!

Past ........................>.........>.........>.......>................. Current
BRAND Manufacturer
Aria Pro II Matsumku Fujigen Tokai Samick or Chinese
Aria Pro II -Super Grade Matsumku Matsumku/Tokai Terada T's Guitar
Bachus @ Headway
Bacchus (Universe) China made
Epiphone (semi-acc, LP custom) Matsumoku Samick(Korea)
Epiphone Japan Matsumoku Fujigen
ESP ESP kiso/Sado
ESP(Edwards) Terada ESP Sado Korea Korea
ESP(Grassroots) Korea
Fender Japan Fujigen Tokai Dyna
Fernandes Kawai Tokai Kawai Student type (Korea, China)
Greco Matsumoku Fujigen Dyna
Ibanez (Prestage/J-Custom) Fujigen
Orville Korean
Orville by Gibson Iida Fujigen
Squire (Fender) Fujigen Korean Chinese Indonesian
Teisco Kawai some model Korea
Tokai Tokai
Yamaha Yamaha/Kasuga Taiwan Yamaha Indonesian Yamaha High end --- Iida(Nagoya)
Mosrite-Japan made Kokuun Seisakusho
Sadowsky TOKYO T's and Fender JAPAN
Jacnson/GroverJackson USA Chushin Gakki
B.C RICH Japan Chushin Gakki/Iida some model Korea/China
Seymore Dancan ESP SADO
Vanzant PGM

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