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How to order

We are offering our sales in this WEB site and e-Bay(ID is music-trade-jv).
The e-bay sales is just e-Bay ordering procedure.

In case of direct order with us, Please send the following information

Product Code :
Manufacturer Name :
Model # :
Description :
Your name :
Your address (Shipping address) :
Your phone Number :
Way of shipment : ---we normally use the EMS, any other, please specify
Payment : --- Our normal payment is paypal. We also would accept bank telegram transfer
Currency : --- In U.S. Dollar

We need above information Please send it below e-mail.


We would issue the invoice (paypal or our own).
Please note that we will charge US$ 5.00 less US$100 (totally) order as minimum handling charge.

Please settle the payment in advance, then we would ship the guitar.


For distributors and guitar shops

We are offering for the players directly. Therefore, if you may need to start the JV guitars
sales in your country, or starting the regular trading business with us, please contact us
We may need your WEB address to certify you are distributor or shops.
The terms and conditions are different from this WEB site. Please contact us.

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