We have received many question that this guitar have the hard case or not ?
Well, some of them, we have. When we purchased it from previous owner, they
sometimes have the original hard case. But most of case, they have only soft carrying case.
When we deliver the guitar, we use this soft case with many cushions into the
export double carton box. We would say this should be O.K. for transportation.
However, we could not promise 100% gurantee.
So, for very high value guitar, for rare guitar, we would prepare the hard case upon
your request. We have domesic musical instruments sales here. Therefore, we could
offer the save price for hard case (we guess almost like your local sales price or less)

The price is effective when you would purchase our JV guitars.

For Stratocaster or Telecaster (Black Color)

Product Code : 80030886
Price : USD 82.00

For Jazz or Precision Bass (Black Color)
Product Code : 80030930
Price : USD 88.00

For Stratocaster or Telecaster Tweed Case
Product Code : 80030674
Price : USD 88.00

For Jazz or Precision BassTweed Case
Product Code : 80030931
Price : USD 95.00

For Les Paul (black & Chrome)
Product Code : 80030662
Price : USD 90.00

For Les Paul (Brown and Gold)
Product Code : 80030661
Price : USD 105.00

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