JV-Guitar is a special site for those who love Japanese vintage guitars such as GRECO, YAMAHA, TOKAI, ESP, FERNANDES, ARIA, FENDER/JAPAN etc. We offer this service primarily for overseas collectors but it is open for all who play and love these old guitars.

We define Japanese Vintage guitars as those from 20 to 36 years old. By limiting to 36 years old, we believe this vintage era began in the e70fs when many Japanese guitars manufacturers started producing replicas of Gibson, Fender and other famous brands.

These replica guitars were called glawsuit guitarsh in the United States. In most cases, the qualities of these guitars were better than the originals.

As a result of the glawsuitsh, most Japanese guitar manufacturers either have licensing agreements with the original manufacturers or have formed joint ventures with them.

These guitars which are called Japanese Vintage or glawsuith guitars are highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

Japanese Vintage guitars are our specialty and our passion. We do not offer contemporary gsecond handh guitars (well, upon requests, we could offer you).

This WEB site is not only selling those Japanese Vintage Guitars. As a serious fan of Japanese
vintage guitars, we have tried to explain each brand histories here. We have used many books
and WEB sites to learn many information. We are also showing the Staratocaster collection
which are not Fender made. We have clollected over 20 brands stratocasters. Well, we are trying to collect all brand 70's stratocaster replica one by one..

Personally, myself, I was just 13 years old in 1972. You could image why I'm loving those guitars. Many my friend are still working for the Japanese guitar industries. I tried to explain the real stories from them too. If you could find out any comments and new information, please write me. I would appreciate it very much

In addition, from February 1, we started to promote our original designed guitar parts. We have received many requests to handle the replacements parts both domestic and international clients. We developed most of items with our experience to handle industrial products manufacturing. Therefore, these are very good materials and precision technology are in use. Please try to use those items with your guitar!

Best Regards,

Dai-Show Corporation

A.C. Koyama
President, Managing Director

(c) 2007 Dai-show Corporation. All right reserved. This WEB site is operated by Dai-Show Corporation, Japan

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