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When we purchased the JV guitars from previous owner, we have found out many original parts were damaged or lost. Some of them, we could find out the market, but mostly it is very difficult to find out the right replacements. We are not sure how you would get these Japanese made spare parts. Maybe, the collector should have own special route to purchase.
However, we have many requests for the replacement spare parts from clients.
Please note that JV guitars are using all metric size basically. Therefore, the army bar of Fender
Japan is not interchangeable with Fender USA. The PU mount ring of Gibson replica is not same size
with Gibson original. Of course, potentiometers, knobs and etc...

This special page to offer only spare parts like Yamaha, Fender Japan or others.
Please note that we offer mainly new spare parts here. We offer some vintage spare parts.
In case of Vintage, these will be indicated as "Vintage".

Please check the freight at "shipping charge" page. The Payment is PayPal in USD only.
If you would purchase the parts with guitar, the freight will be free ! These are all stocked items.

Click below and find out the right spare parts for your JV guitars!

YAMAHA SG-1000/2000 Old Model Genuine Spare Parts (Brand New)
ESP Genuine Spare Parts
TEISCO Replacement Spare Parts
Music-Trade Original Guitar Replace & Spare Parts

If you are looking for any other MIJ guitar parts, please contact is.
We could offer some of non-listed manufacturers.

Looking for the spare parts for your
Japanese made Guitar ?