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All Japanese vintage guitars are used guitars even we call the vintage
We don't like all our clients will disappoint when you receive the guitar from us.
Definitely, we would like you to satisfy the guitar you look for.
However, this is business, if you place an order. Also we should understand we have a distance
between you and us. It is not so easy to solve the problem, if we would have the argument.
We don't mind to receive your question about the guitar. We hope you would understand all
Therefore, we explain the sales condition as follows.

We would like to define the following as our sales conditions

1.  The buyer accept the condition of guitar from the photo and corresponding When we receive
   the order, we recognized that the buyer accepted it and confirmed all conditions here
2.  We could not accept the cancellation after we shipped the goods
3.  All the payment must be in advance, settle in US Dollar or Japanese Yen by paypal.
   We could accept the bank telegram transfer in US$ only. In case of bank telegram
  transfer, the buyer should cover the all expense outside of Japan, also the banking charge
4.  All damage and failure on transportation are not our responsibility.
5.  All the guitars are out of guarantee because of aged. We would not also guarantee the quality,
   and production liability. Again, please confirm all the guitars are vintage (used).
6.  We could not accept any return, refund the payment except the case mentioned 7)
7.  If the buyer would like to return the guitar, we would accept it under the following conditions
   a) The condition is completely different from the descriptions (in case the different guitar was
     shipped. we could not accept the body condition is different from your thought)
   b) The return freight must be paid by buyer.
   c) We would evaluate the condition of guitar after we received.
   d) We would refund maximum 80% of buyer's purchase price, if the condition of guitar is
     same as we shipped. We could send the refund by PayPal only.
8. Some countries have the import duty for the guitars. We have received some claim that
  our pricing is not included the import duty. Please note that it is out of common sense on
  trading business. The seller will cover all the charges included the custom clearance in Japan.
  The price is Free on Board (FOB). We would pay EMS and the insurance, therefore, the price
  become Cost, Insurance freight (CIF). Please note that your country custom will charge the
  duty against cost & freight at least. The duty rate depends on your country. Please note that
  it is not our duty and responsibilities. We could not accept to pay your local
  duty (tax). In case of return, we would not any refund of your duty

All the guitars are checked by us. We would check the following.

1.  Electric Circuits are fine or not (if any, we indicate)
2.  Wooden Crack --- We would not sell the guitar which have the crack, if there are repairs,
   we would indicate it. The aged weather cracking on the paint also indicated.
3.  Any failures we found, it will be indicated. If we replaced any parts, we would indicate it
   However, the human is not perfect, sometimes, we forget to describe all. So if you worry, ask us   by the time you will be satisfied.  
4.  If the non-original parts are used, then we find out, we would indicate.
5.  Depending on the condition of guitars when it comes in our place, we disassemble and rebuilt
   The purpose of these works are cleaning. Sometime, the screw parts are rusted and thread
   are lost. In case, we would check them. It is also very difficult to check the screws are original
   or not. The hole of screws under pick Guard, in case if Strat, if it is horrible, we would
   indicate, but it is acceptable, we would not indicate. Please ask it if the guitar is rebuilding
   or pick Guard changed.  
6.  The strings are not changed basically. If we feel the string must be changed, we would
7.  The adjustment of neck, height of bridge saddle and intonation must be dome by buyer.
   We, of course, check the neck. But normally would not adjust the trussrod, just check it
   works or not. The strings height are depends on you.

Note : We don't sell JV guitars, If we feel this buyer is just trying to claim and expecting
     the refund or more money. Of course, we protect the eBay bid, would not accept in any


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Sales Condition

Please read carefully. Do not place an order or Bid, If you have any worry about our guitars or our organization. Please take a time to consider to take your action ! We tried to inform you all the correct information.