High-End Guitar! Since we started JV guitar site, we have received many particular guitars requirements from many players. Everybody loves the guitars ! I love it too.
There are many guitar builders here. Of course, some of them are big guitar manufacturer.
They are offering the High-End Hand Crafted Guitars. On the other hand, a luthier is producing
the guitars by himself.

The professional musicians here are asking those luthiers to make their original designed, sometimes Stratocaster style guitars to complete matching their requirements.
It is mostly expensive staff like Gibson, Fender or PRS custom shop or private stock.
However, still better price than them.

We are introducing these MIJ High-End Guitars and possibly we could find out from the market
If we could find out these at proper price, we could introduce these on this site.
These will not be collection Guitars.

I have discussed with my friends who are working for Japanese Guitar Industry about the
definition of High-End Guitars.

It maybe :

1) High Quality Guitar making technology (mostly hand crafted/more accurate dimensions control)
2) High Quality Materials in use (Rare wood, high-Tech PU and electric circuit and parts)
3) Noiseless and good tuning : can be used for the professional recording.
4) Probably beautiful outlook

High-End guitar should have all of above !

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