GRECO SG-600 74-75 made

It should be 1974-75 Fujigen made Greco SG model. This guitar was my dreaming guitar when I was 14 years old.
Of course, I could not purchase such expensive guitar. So, It was just dreaming.
Why it was good impression for me. This model is set neck type. Most of cheap range Greco was bolt-on neck
even Gibson's replica. So, the boys like this model very much.

As replica, this SG is not really great. The body is Maho 2 PLY. This time of Greco guitars were mostly 2 PLY.
But the material is Mahogany. The neck is not deep joint type.
I would say this is more historical/collective JV guitar.

The weight of this guitar is 3.14. The body condition is good as over 30 years old.
There are not so many dents and scratches as shown on the picture.

The neck is straight, frets are proper condition. The truss rod is working well.
Again, as over 30 years old, it is fine condition.
Please note this is not brand-new guitar.

The PU are original. I have changed the selector switch and Output jack (both switchcraft)

Over 30 years old Greco. It tells you about the history of JV guitars
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Body Material Mahogany 2PLY 3P
Neck Material Mahogany 1-2P Head 2P
Weight (Kg) 3.14
PU Original
Condition Mint
Estimated shipping weight 8Kg
Brand or Manufacturer GRECO
Model SG-600
Serial Number xxxxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1974-75
Body Color Wine Red
Price USD448.00+

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