Code Model MFG/Description Condition Price in US$
80020932 ST-62 SB Strat 62 SB CIJ 1997 -2000 SB MFB Mint SOLD
80020938 TL-52-85 Telecaster White 52 CIJ MFB 2000 Mint- SOLD
80020939 MG69-65W Mustang White RFB Mint SOLD
80020942 ST57 SB Strat 57 Sunburst CIJ O serial MFB Mint SOLD
80020950 TL52-80TX Telecaster Natural 52 CIJ MFB 2000 Mint SOLD
80021004 ST57 CAR ST57 Candy Apple CAR MFB CIJ O Serial Mint SOLD
80021025 ST62+TL52 ST62 w/TL52 Neck & Fender USA Noiseless Pus Rebuilt SOLD
80021048 JG66 SB Jaguar 66 SB CIJ O serial 1993-94 made Mint SOLD
80000184 TL62B-75 CAR Telecaster 62 Binding CAR/RFB CIJ Mint- SOLD
80000186 TL-Zebra Telecaster Zebra Top and back MIJ T serial Mint+ SOLD
80000220 MG65-86W Mustang White RFB CIJ 1997 Made Mint SOLD
80000253 ST62-65-L/R Strat 62 SB RFB CIJ O serial Lefty Mint SOLD
80000262 JG66-SB Jaguar 66 SB RFB CIJ O serial Mint- SOLD
80000758 ST57-58US-3TS/M Strat 57 3TS MFB CIJ 1997 Made Mint  448.00
80000759 ST45-BLK/M  Strat Black MFB CIJ 2000 Made
Mint-  SOLD
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EX-Mint Almost like New, All original
Mint+ No scratch, dent, Metal parts fair, Original Parts
Mint Good Condition, some parts are replaced
Fair Fair, but some parts are replaced
Rebuild Rebulid, good condition

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