Code Model Description Condition Price in US$
80020055 SG-85 SG with Case # 20801 1972 Mint NFS
80020063 SC-700 Super Combination 700 White Mint SOLD
80020129 SF-7000 SF Though Neck Sunburst Mint+ SOLD
 80020152 SJ-500 SuperJam500 Black Fair SOLD
80020185 SG-2000 BLACK SG-2000 Black w/Dimazio PUs Fair SOLD
80020182 SG-45 SG Original 1972-73 w/TV Jones PU Rebuilt SOLD
80020190 SG-1000-24 R SG-1000-22 1983 made VERY RARE Mint SOLD
80020196 SG-1000 RS SG-1000 RS 1981 made Fair SOLD
80020195 SC-700 Black Super Combination 700 Black Fair- SOLD
80020195 SG-2000 RS SG-2000 RS 1981 made Mint SOLD
80021152 SX-60 SX-60 Brown 1974-76 made Rare Mint SOLD
80021153 SR-500YS Stratocaster 68 model MFB w/Greco PU Mint- SOLD
80021166 SR-500N Stratocaster 68 model MFB Fair SOLD
80021229 SR-700N Stratocaster 62 model MFB Mint SOLD
80021276 SG-60 Original SG 1972 made Fair SOLD
80021285 SR-500YS Stratocaster 62 model RFB Fender Logo Fair SOLD
80021287 SG-2000 RS SG #051xxx 1983- Fair SOLD
80000062 SR-700N Stratocaster 50's model MFB Mint- SOLD
80000080 SR-400S Stratocaster 50's model Natural/RFB Mint SOLD
80000175 SR-400YSB Stratocaster 68 model MFB Mint SOLD
80000218 SC-1200 Super Combination Through Neck SB Mint SOLD
80000274 SR-450S BLK Stratocaster 54 model MFB Mint- SOLD
80000291 SR-400S Stratocaster 50's model YSB/RFB Mint SOLD
80000295 SC-3000 Super Combination SSS Mint SOLD
80000317 SR-400B Stratocaster 68 model MFB Fair SOLD
80000363 SF-7000 SF Though Neck Sunburst Mint SOLD
80000412 SG-70 Blown Full Original 1974 Made Mint SOLD
80000491 SA60 Original Semi Acoustic Mint- SOLD
80000587 SG-3C Original Electric Guitar Fair SOLD
80000602 SR-400 Stratocaster 68 model White MFB Mint SOLD
80000604 SG-90 BLACK Original SG 1974 Made Black rare! Mint+ SOLD
80000608 SC-7000 Super Combination Through Neck Mint- SOLD
80000617 SR-400S Stratocaster 50's model Rare Blue/RFB Mint- SOLD
80000619 SF-3000RS SF series One PU Mint- SOLD
80000636 SR-400S Stratocaster 50's model YSB/RFB Mint- 318.00
80000653 SR-400 Stratocaster 68 model Natural MFB Fair SOLD
80000663 SR-550S Stratocaster 68 model Sunburst MFB  Mint- SOLD
80000668 SA60 Original Semi Acoustic Natural Mint- SOLD
80000687 SR-400YSB/R  Stratocaster 68 model w/Hard Case Mint-  368.00
80000699 SG-50  Original SG Natural  Fair SOLD
80000730 SG-1000  Original SG Cherry Sunburst Mint-   898.00
80000766 SR-400YSB/M  Stratocaster 68 model Sunburst MFB   Mint-  SOLD
80000767 SR-400YSB/M  Stratocaster 68 model Sunburst MFB   Mint  348.00
80000777 SR-500N/M Stratocaster 68 model Natural MFB   Mint-  SOLD
80000781 SR-500YSR/M  Stratocaster 68 model Sunburst MFB  Fair 248.00
80000786 SG-1000CS Original SG Cherry Sunburst  Mint-   898.00
80000787 SG-1000CS  Original SG Cherry Sunburst  Mint-   898.00
80000790 SG-1000BK  Original SG Black Fair  Preparing
80000792 SG-1500PR Original SG Persimmon Red Mint   1,100.00
80000800 SR-450YSB/M  Stratocaster 68 model Sunburst MFB   Mint   328.00
80000802 SG-1000 Original SG Fretless Processed  Mint-  NFS
80000814 SA-2000  Semi-Acoustic Model   Mint-    1,350.00
80000838 AES3620 SB   Original Shape Solid body
Mint    478.00
80000843 SC-700B  Original Super Combination 700 Fair   348.00
80000844 SC-3000N   Original SG Fretless Processed   Mint-   368.00
EX-Mint Almost like New, All original
Mint+ No scratch, dent, Metal parts fair, Original Parts
Mint Good Condition, some parts are replaced
Fair Fair, but some parts are replaced
Rebuild Rebulid, good condition

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