Code Model Description Condition Price in US$
80021240 ST-45 Strat 57 YSB MFB 79 made Mint- Sold
80021247 ST-60 Strat 57 SB MFB 79 made No Logo Mint- Sold
80021273 SS-50 Strat 72 Black RFB 80 made Rare Color Mint- Sold
80021325 ST-50MBL Strat 57 Blue Metallic 79 made HSS Rebuilt Sold
80000019 TST-45 Strat 62 Fiesta Red MFB 83 made Mint- Sold
80000060 A-130 Talbo SSH with hard case Mint- Sold
80000072 ST-50BL Strat 54 BLK MFB 77 made Springy Mint- Sold
80000199 TTE-50 Telecaster White 1982 made MFB Mint Sold
80000279 A-130 Talbo SSH 1997? made Mint+ Sold
80000288 A-123 Talbo SSS 1997 made Mint Sold
80000294 ST-50 Strat 57 YSB MFB 1981 made Mint Sold
80000297 A-100S Talbo SSS 1983 made 2 Bolt on Neck Mint- 950.00+
80000312 TST-50 Strat 62 Sunburst/RFB Rebuilt Sold
80000380 SS-36 Strat 72 White MFB 80's made Rebuilt Sold
80000392 SS-40 Strat 72 White MFB 80's made Rebuilt Sold
80000393 ST-50YSB/M Strat 54 YSB MFB 80's made Mint- Sold
80000407 ST-50B/M Strat 57 Black MFB 80's made Mint- Sold
80000437 TE-50 Telecaster White 1950 model MFB Mint- Sold
80000446 TST-50 Strat 57 YSB MFB early 80's made Fair Sold
80000455 SS-48 Strat 72 YSB MFB 80's made Mint- Sold
80000534 ST-42YSB/M Strat 54 MFB Late 70's made Mint- Sold
80000570 TST-50 Strat 57 Black MFB early 80's made Mint- Sold
80000572 ST-42 Strat 54 Black MFB early 78-79 made Mint- Sold
80000585 TST-50 Strat 57 Sunburst early 80's made Mint- Sold
80000605 TTE-55 Telecaster Natural MFB Mint Sold
80000683 SS-38 Strat 72 YSB MFB 80's made Mint-  Sold
80000736 ST-50  Strat 57 CAR MFB 1981 Springy  Mint-  Sold
80000774 SS-40  Strat 72 CAR MFB 80's made Silver Star Fair 398.00+
80000799 ST-50/45 Neck  Strat 57 White 197 Springy   Rebuilt   598.00+

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EX-Mint Almost like New, All original
Mint+ No scratch, dent, Metal parts fair, Original Parts
Mint Good Condition, some parts are replaced
Fair Fair, but some parts are replaced
Rebuild Rebulid, good condition