This is very old, early time SG copy.
The famous Japanese Guitarist, Mr. Shigeru Narumo, used same gaiter on stage.
As a copy of Gibson, it is not great one. But this about the Japanese guitar industry,
this is one of memorial guitar. The position inlay is block type like LP custom.
This position mark were given for SG-600, EG-800 and EG-650 at that time.
Absolutely, different from real SG but showing that Greco is trying to step up as the leading guitar brand here.

The condition of this guitar is fair, not beautiful. Front PU has been changed the original to
Greco U-2000 type (PU cover is original) which I took from Greco EX-800 77 made.
I have also change the switching knob from original to new one (lost).
Fret is 50-60% condition. Neck is fine.

The neck joint area has the paint cracks (not get into the wood yet, I think)
Please have a look for photoes.

This would not be a beautiful collection. But feel the JV soul and play 33 years historical tone..
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Greco Stock

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Body Material Mahogany 6P Ply
Neck Material Maple 3P
Weight (Kg) 3.4Kg
PU Greco Original see below
Condition Fair
Estimated shipping weight 7@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer GRECO
Model SG-600 Large PG
Serial Number None
Product Year (Estimated) 1974
Body Color Wine Red
Price USD448.00

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Code : 80020052