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ARIA PRO-II Matsumoku 1982 Made PE-1200 Limited

It is very good condition Matsumoku 1982 made PE-1200 Limited Edition.
The body construction is same with Katsumi Watanabe model or Neil Schon signature model.
The neck is Maple/Maho 5P Finger board must be ebony wood with nut 43mm width
The body is 3 Play. Top and bottom are maple. The canter wood should be Maho like the said signature model.
Pretty good condition. It is 3.85Kg
This is not catalog model. But as show, the original price tag, warranty card and manual indicated the model and
price in 1982.

The frets are fine. maybe the previous owner didn't play so much.
The neck is fine. The nut width is approx. 43 mm.
The electric components are all fine and original.

It is great sound. I feel like the sound between Les Paul and Les Paul Jr.

Well, over 30 years old guitar, please do not expect brand new guitar.
But this guitar is pretty good condition as Mint+

You could play this guitar when you get it or just add as your collection.

The used hard case (shown on Picture) will be delivered with this guitar.
Please enjoy JV guitar!

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Truss Rod Adjustable
Nut Width (mm) 43
Bridge Screw Adjustable
Weight (Kg) 3.85
PU Original
Condition Mint+
Repair None
Estimated shipping weight 12Kg with H. Case
Price USD 1,198.00+
Brand or Manufacturer ARIA PRO-II
Serial Number #207xxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1982
Body Color Red Sunburst
Body Material Sen 3P
Neck Material Maple/Moho 5P
Neck Condition Straight
Frets Proper