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Code : 80000371

Aria Pro II LS-500 1980 Mstsumoku made Les Paul STD

It is Matsumoku made Aria Les Paul. The condition is fair. I have changed all electric parts to new one.
The PU, Pod, Switch and jack were all improper condition when I got this guitar.

It should be LS-500, The neck is deep joint type (with screw). This is Matsumoku construction.
The top is like Laminated Maple, I guess. The body is 2PLY (like Pancake) and 2-3P mahogany.
It is 4.37Kg weight.

The neck is thin type with 43.8 mm nut width . It is straight. Truss Rod is adjustable.
Frets are proper condition.

The pickups were changed to brand new Gotoh Classic PU x 2. The Pots are also canged to Gotoh 500K.
The capacitors are orange drop. Switchcraft selector swtich and jack are installed.
I used all belden wire with WBT silver solder.

The tuning Key are not really good condition. It is too old. But I didn't change.
Well, Metal parts are rusted.

It is very good tone, you can enjoy this old Les Paul guitar!!!

Well, let's try this Aria Guitar. It is already 30 years old body!!!

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Truss Rod Adjustable
Nut Width (mm) 43.65
Bridge Screw Adjustable
Weight (Kg) 4.35
PU Gotoh Classic
Condition Fair
Repair See Below
Estimated shipping weight 8Kg
Price USD 460.00+
Brand or Manufacturer ARIA PRO-II
Model LS-500
Serial Number #029xxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1980
Body Color Black
Body Material Maho 3P back Maple 2 top (?)
Neck Material Maple 3P
Neck Condition Straight
Frets Proper