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Code : 80000477

ARIA PRO-II Matsumoku Made Stratocaster 1978

It is fair condition Matsumoku 78 made Strat replica.
The logo mark was changed "Gold" letter from 1978.

I have changed the original PUs (damaged) to new Gotoh ST-Classic.
Well, I also changed the screws. That's all, I did.

The frets are fine a bit worn.
The neck is straight and truss rod is working fine. The nut width is approx. 41.6mm with C grip.
The body is SEN (Japanese Ash) 3P with 3.81Kg.

Well, over 30 years old guitar, please do not expect a beautiful brand new guitar.
The body has several small dents and scratches. We could see bit scratches on the pick guard .

You could play this guitar when you get it.

The guitar will be shipped with used Gigbag (not Aria made).

Please enjoy JV guitar!!

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Comments from Music-Trade.co.jp

Truss Rod Adjustable
Nut Width (mm) 41.6
Bridge Screw Adjustable
Weight (Kg) 3.81
PU Gotoh ST-Claasic x 3
Condition Mint-
Repair Screws
Estimated shipping weight 8Kg
Price USD 398.00+
Brand or Manufacturer ARIA PRO-II
Model ST-450 or 500
Serial Number #B78xxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1978
Body Color White
Body Material Sen 3P
Neck Material Maple 1P(Head 2P) /RFB
Neck Condition Straight / C Grip
Frets Proper