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H.S. Anderson MADCAT HS-1

Many people were talking about this special guitar. I don't know how many original MADCAT
were made during 70's.
Maybe, most of people knew that H.S. Anderson was conducted by Mr. Hidesato Shiino and
distributed and crafted by Morris (Moridaira) started in 1973.
Mr. Shiino said that the original design of MADCAT came from the Takahiko Ishikawa who is
top guitarist here in Japan (Maybe Mr. Ishikawa played over 10,000 songs...!!! He is
mainly playing the acoustic guitar).
Anyway, when they have a drinking, Mr. Ishikawa just wrote the original design of MADCAT.
A few weeks later, Mr. Shiino added his idea and made the proto type of MADCAT.
Well, about Mr. Shiino, you could check my JV history page.
The logo mark was designed by Mr. Atsuro Yamada who is currently Managing director of
Gramco Ltd - Top Strategic Brand Consulting Company. Mr. Shiino and Mr.Yamada were
a good friend, and Mr.Yamada designed the logo mark and even MADCAT illustration.

The Morris factory for H.S. Anderson was independent from Morris Acoustic guitar factory in Nagano.
I've heard hat 3 craftsmen (Mr.Shinoda, Mr.Imafuku - He is Fujigen manager currently and other
craftsman) made H.S. Anderson brand guitars.
Early days (1973 -1974) made Madcat hasn't goit the serial numbers and signature in cavity.
Later day (after 1975), H.S. Anderson guitars have their signature of these builders somewhere - PU cavity.
Of course, Mr. Shiino left already (He established the ESP in 1975).

The early time MADCAT is Maple 2P top and Back. The center wood is Sen (Japanese Ash) 2 PLY like
pancake construction. This is particular construction of vintage MADCAT.
The hardware is almost same between HS-1 and H.S.TE60 (Ash body standard type).
However, these are completely different size hardware compare with 80's made MadCat.
We call these are all narrow pitch type hardware. The saddles are bit small size compare with 80's.
The neck plate too.
So, we could recognized only early days MadCat were made by Mr. Shiino's conduction and design.
Later production is re-designed by Morris guitars. Well, Mr. shiino started his new brand Vesta Graham, Bossaxe
and others a Guitar Shop "PACO" (Mr. Shiino and I restarted the Paco in Tokyo).).
He said that the later days Madcats are almost different product.

It is very heavy weight. This is 4.37Kg. The nut width is 42 mm.
The neck shape of original MadCat is completely different. I have heard that Mr. Shiino instructed it very carefully.
So, 80's made Mad cat is quote different neck shape.
The center position is phase between neck and bridge PU.
I like the tone of MADCAT.
I think MADCAT is most famous JV guitar made in 70's.
This is original from Telecaster design. But the tone is completely different.

We have 2 original MadCats guitars. One is Mr. Shiino's own and it is 1st proto type.
This guitar is probably 1st production lot.These 2 guitars are very similar product.
Both MadCat are currently at Guitar Salon PACO. Of course, these 2 cats were well maintained.

We can see the MADCAT on eBay sometimes. They offered not original MADCAT like USD 1,300-5,000 range.
Some of them are Korean made. When you will purchase it, please check it very carefully.
Now, we can see the MADCAT replica distributed by Morris here. It is like USD 2,500 range.
This is just for your reference when you purchase it!

This guitar will be shipped with the certificate of authenticity signed by Mr. Shiino as original guitar.
If somebody interested in this historical guitar, just contact us with your offer price.i

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Truss Rod Adustbale
Nut Width (mm) 42
Bridge Screw O.K
Weight (Kg) 4.37
PU Original
Condition Fair
Repair Refret, Tuner
Estimated shipping weight 11 Kg w/new tweed hard case
Price ASK
Brand or Manufacturer H.S. Anderson
Serial Number xxxxxxxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1973
Body Color Natural
Body Material Maple
Neck Material Maple 1P
Neck Condition Straight
Frets Proper