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Fresher Guitar Through Neck Strat FS-606

I have got many Fresher guitars and sold for many users.
I specially like 3rd and 4th generation Fresher guitars. These are very cost effective model.
However, as guitar, these are made very well. This FS-606 is original designed model.
Probably late 78-79 made guitar. Several manufacturers made through neck type Strat that time.
Most famous one is Fernandes guitar. These are also good guitar.
I have heard that Mighty Mite imported many strat through neck body from Japan.
Maybe, this guitar is almost same time and same manufacturer?

The PUs are a large size pole piece type. The contrtol is just like JB model.
I have changed all circuits. When I got this guitar, all switch were broken.

No idea about the bpdy material seems to be sen wood. Neck is maple with maho.
It is 3.61 Kg weight. The neck is fine with 41.5 mm width nut (Brass). The grip? Not really thin, just standard JV start grip.

The previous owner extended the tremolo block cavity a bit. He maybe use the down armed a lot.
This modification is not really visible but we can see it aroud the bottom of bridge.

Totally, this is good condition. PUs are all original, of course.
It is rare guitar. You could enjoy JV guitar !

Additional Info. : Kyowa Shokai was bankrupted in May, 2011. No more Frehser guitars even new products.

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Truss Rod Adjustable
Nut Width (mm) Approx. 41.5
Bridge Screw O.K
Weight (Kg) 3.61
PU Original
Condition Mint-
Repair Switch, Pot and Jack
Estimated shipping weight 8 Kg
Price US$398.00
Brand or Manufacturer Fresher
Model FS-606
Serial Number xxxxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1980's
Body Color Sunburst
Body Material Probably Japanese Ash
Neck Material Maple+Maho
Neck Condition Straight
Frets Proper