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Saymour Duncan DS-100 1989-90 ESP Made 62 model

Several my friends who has been working for music industry here told me that early made Seymour Duncan was
pretty good tone. So, I have been looking for only their "Traditional" series.
This is recently I got. When I get it, the frets were worn so much. So, I have asked my staff to refret.
It became pretty good condition guitar.

Well, this Saymour Duncan guitar has the Fender PU instead. Previous user changed it.
He said that Fender FAT-50. So, this guitar is exactly Fender tone.

The body wood is ash 2P center bonded. It is approx. 4.27Kg. As Strat, it is a bit heavy weight.
When we change the frets, we have also changed the nut to born type.
We have replaced the Tremolo springs.

We have done above treatment.
It is good tone guitar anyway.

This is not really JV guitar. only 23-24 years old guitar.
But it is good MIJ guitar.
ESP has stopped the production of Seymour Duncan guitars.
It is just rumors that Fender claimed ESP and this series was obsoleted

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Truss Rod Adustbale
Nut Width (mm) 42.5
Bridge Screw O.K
Weight (Kg) 4.27 Kg
PU Fender
Condition Mint-
Repair Refret
Estimated shipping weight 8 Kg
Price US$ 645.00
Brand or Manufacturer SAYMOUR DUNCAN
Model DS-100
Serial Number #13XXX
Product Year (Estimated) 1989-90
Body Color See Though Red
Body Material Ash 2P
Neck Material Maple 1P + RFB
Neck Condition Straight
Frets Proper