Holly Strato small head 62 type

I'm not sure about the modeling. It should be SE-500 or 700 series.
Holly is absolutely not high quality guitar. Well sales price was like JYE 19800.
Compare with other high class guitars, price was 1/3 of them.
I, of course, never touch like this guitar. We said the Toy guitar.

When I got this guitar, I felt very strange feeling.
This is really cheap guitar but Kiso Violin made this with their cost effectiveness.
The impression of this guitar is light weight.
Very Dry... suitable for Slde play ? I tuned this guitar as DADGAD now.
But, I think much better than Chinese made non precision made guitars.

Nobody pay attnetion for Holly guitar. The Guitar Kids want to Fender Japan or other fmous brand.
I think this guitar is crying.
The manfacturer tried to make this guitar with incredilble low cost with their technology.

Some parts are replaced. I think the tuner is better Kluson type (maybe Gotoh).
The bridge should be replaced, (I feel pretty good one is installed)

Great JV Guitar !

I priced above, but for this guitar, I'm not sure I could sell or not.

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Body Material Sen 3P
Neck Material Sen 4P
Weight (Kg) 3.38kgs
PU Original, I think
Condition Mint
Estimated shipping weight 8@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer Holly
Model SE-700 3TS
Serial Number None
Product Year (Estimated) 1978???
Body Color Sunburst
Price ASK

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Code : 80020448