Fresher 1st generation Strat type guitar. Absolutely not perfect replica of Stratocaster.
Fresher made this guitar with Gibson type nut. But The logo mark is very similar with Fender.
They made this type logo only for 1973-75.
KYOWA is just distributor of Fresher. This early Fresher was made by Matsumoto Musical Instruments MFG Union.
This is not Matsumoku Gakki. Well, the later Fresher guitars were made by Chushin Gakki.
Anyhow, this guitar is very early time, rare guitar.

As Stratocaster replica, this guitar is not smart like Fernandes or Greco. However, it is historical guitar of
Japanese Guitar industry. The Sunburst color is not really like Fender original.
I guess the worker never seen the original Fender USA. Maybe, just have a photo...and paint like this.
Tremolo unit are not like Fender too. They bend the steel plate like C, then made the steel block part.
Therefore, this guitar tone is not really Stratocaster.

The condition of this guitar is good. Well, it should be 35 years old guitar.
It seems that this is all original condition.
The neck, frets and electric circuits are proper condition.

I have been collecting many 70's made JV guitar.
If you are really fan for Founder or JV rare brand guitar and would like to keep the collection (not for re-sell),
just ask me, I would consider to sell.

Good era's great guitar !

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Body Material No Idea
Neck Material Maple 3P + MFB
Weight (Kg) 3.4Kg
PU Original
Condition Mint
Estimated shipping weight 8@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer Fresher
Model FSC-28
Serial Number None
Product Year (Estimated) 1973-75?
Body Color Sunburst
Price ASK

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