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Fresher X-309

I guess Kyowa Ghokai made good profit to sell Fresher guitars that time.
They were cost effective guitars mainly.
However, they challenged many guitars.
X-309 was one of them. They probably target the overseas market by this guitar.
I do not know the sales result, but we could see many X-309 owner out of Japan.

Anyway, we could not see X-309 so much here. I got this guitar many years ago.
Previous owner took all electric circuit, had only volume and tone.
I checked PUs and repaired wiring. I also got a new pre-amp, 6 ways switch and balacing pot for mix.
Well, I do not sell this guitar, anyway. So, I tried many functions done.

So, I do not know the original sound of this guitar. Both Pick ups are original.
Maybe, it is not really big different.

The neck is not really fat, well like Les Paul grip.

Additional Info. : Kyowa Shoka was bankrupted in May, 2011. No more Frehser guitars even new products.

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Comments from Music-Trade.co.jp

Truss Rod Adjustable
Nut Width (mm) Approx. 41.9
Bridge Screw O.K
Weight (Kg) 3.67
PU Original
Condition Fair
Repair Switch/Pod/Amp/Nut/Knob
Estimated shipping weight 8Kg
Price Not For Sale
Brand or Manufacturer Fresher
Model X-309
Serial Number xxxxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1978-79
Body Color Natural
Body Material Probably Ash 3-4P
Neck Material Maple 1P(head 2P)+ RFB
Neck Condition Straight
Frets Proper