Components Stratocaster

I sold this guitar already. I assembled this guitar by order.
The client is my friend, he requested me to re-assemble guitar use JV materials.
Well, I have many stock and parts.

Parts are in use

1) CTS potentiometer x 3
2) Oak Grigsby 5 Way
3) Switch Craft Jack
4) Belden Silver coated hook wire

Well, sound ? Pretty good. He said it is better than his much expensive famous brand ST.
I think if PU is proper quality, then gave the good electric circuit solution, 80% guitars' sound will be changed drastically.

I made many guitars as client's order. If you have any idea, please let me know.

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Body Material Japanese Ash (sen ?) 3P
Neck Material Maple 1P + Maple FB
Weight (Kg) 3.6Kg
PU Original
Condition Mint
Estimated shipping weight 8@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer Fender Squire + Fresher
Model FS body
Serial Number None
Product Year (Estimated) 1980 body + Late 80 neck
Body Color Red
Price Sold

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