Fresher 2nd Generation Logo Stratcaster

I have been collecting many Fresher Stratocaster.
Not only Strat, I have their original designed guitars too.
But as Strat, this color is very rare. I have double checked the body it is original or not.
It was original color, not re-painting.

The neck, frets and electric circuits are all fine.
The body hasn't got any serious dents and scratches too.
It is very good condition. Only PU covers are color changed as old guitar.

Well, good era's rare guitar. Please enjoy to have a look.

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Body Material Sen
Neck Material Maple 2P
Weight (Kg) 4.2
PU Probably Original
Condition Mint
Estimated shipping weight 8@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer Fresher
Model FSC-28
Serial Number xxxxxxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1970's made
Body Color Blue Metallic
Price NFS

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