Fresher 1st Generation Stratocaster (Matsumoto Gakki Seizo Union Made)

I like Fresher guitars. We could learn the JV guitars construction movement from Fresher Guitars.
This is 1st Generation model. It is more like Fender Original Logo.
However, it is not really great replica body construction yet.

The neck is not 1P. It is 2P neck with bonded Maple finger board.
The grip like C, the frets are O.K. for playing even it has a bit worn.
The nut is not like Fender type. It is just like Gibson type which older JV Fender replica used.
The neck is straight. Truss Rod is Still adjustable.

All electric circuits are fine. I didn't modify any just keep it. Therefore, if you could find out the
noise, please use the electric Lub for making it smooth.
The Tremolo inertia is bending plate type, not solid. This is typical construction of early 70's
strat replica.

The weight of this guitar is around 3.52Kg, No serious dents and scratches on the body.
But we can see small dents and scratches, not like brand new guitar.

This is more like historical guitar.

The guitar will be delivered with Gigbag.

I would say this is real JV guitar !!!

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Body Material Should be SEN 3-4P
Neck Material Maple 2P + MFB
Weight (Kg) 3.52
PU Original
Condition Mint-
Estimated shipping weight 8@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer Fresher
Model FSC-40
Serial Number None
Product Year (Estimated) Early 70's (1974-76)
Body Color Yellow Sunburst
Price USD 248.00

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