Aria Pro-II Mockingbird Maple Body

Many Matsumoku fan is looking for the good condition B.C. Rich replica. In early 80's, we saw Greco, Fernandes, Aria ProII and Kasuga.
These were good replica BCR Guitars
This is maple body type. But the previous owner took off the circuits. Therefore, now PUs hooked up like 1V 1T guitar.
I got this guitar a year ago for fixing. Well, I have another MK original guitar. So I thought I could.

But I think now, this should be very good material for your modification or rebuilding.
The neck, Frets and body are all fine. Pretty good condition.
The bridge is original too. PU's should be original Dimarzio.
The tuner has been replaced to Japanese one. You may need the Grover Imperial, if you would like to make it completely like BC.

Only on the body top, very small dents I found.
That's all.

I'm offering this guitar on sales now. But I'm not sure when I would start to re-built.
If I start to rebuilt, this guitar will be not for sale item.

Just try old Matsumoku made guitar !!

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Body Material Maple
Neck Material Maple Though neck
Weight (Kg) 3.7Kg
PU Original
Condition Fair
Estimated shipping weight 8@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer ARIA PRO-II
Model MK-1600N
Serial Number xxxxxxxx
Product Year (Estimated) Late 70's to Early 80's
Body Color Natural
Price USD 398.00+

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