Aria Pro II RS-600WA 1981 made MIJ

ARIA Pro II stopped the Gibson and Fender Replica and concentrate to develop the own design guitars.
RS series are developped by the concept of Alembic Guitar, Aria officials said.
This RS model is passive circuit type. Therefore, Middle PU is wired as mix sound with Neck and Bridge PU.

RS series have the active circuit type. The RS-850 has the Hum-Canceller looks like middle PU.
I never try 850 type, but it should be like Alembic type sound.

The guitar is good condition. The neck is straight. The frets are fine too (a bit worn).
The electric circuits are fine. There are several dents on the top, but not really visible.

The sound, I like it very much. A bit different from Strat. It should be RS sound.

Try Aria Pro II Vintage. It is getting pretty hard to find out it with good condition.

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Body Material Ash
Neck Material Maple 3P Though neck
Weight (Kg) 3.53Kg
PU Original
Condition Mint
Estimated shipping weight 8@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer ARIA PRO-II
Model RS-600WA
Serial Number I1xxxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1981
Body Color Brown
Price USD 528.00

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