is a special WEB site for all who love guitars and music. We would like to be the bridge between Japan and guitar lovers worldwide. J

I'm actually the guitar collector. At the beginning, I have just showed my collection and described the history of Japanese made guitars on this WEB.
After a few days later, I have received several requests from WEB visitors. They are asking me to sell, the guitars, look for the guitars and its replacement parts.

Then, We started to offer some of my collections since then. Of course, I added many information about the Japanese made guitar and detailed. I have received many comments too.
Also, I added to offer Japanese made replacement (spare) parts.
While, I'm handling these products, I started to developed own brand parts.
These will be shown detailed in a short time.

We managed "Guitar Salon PACO" with Mr. Shiino (ex. owner of Paco and Vestax) for 2 years.
Very regretfully, we closed the shop in 2015. When I started the shop, I didn't expect much profit,
just though the shop is just place to show our guitars, new instruments and Live shows.
However, The shop didn't generate even the operation cost. It is most of reason, we closed.
Well, one day, we will have a shop again somewhere around Yokohama, we hope.

Since I started this WEB, I thought about Japanese Indie Music as Music Box
I still have a strong intention to introduce amateur Japanese musicians to the world.
However, now, people could access Youtube easy.
I'm now planning to start the new WEB project to introduce Japanese Professional
musicians. I'm not sure when I could. But please check our WEB site!

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