Aria Pro II SB-R150 Bass

SB-R150 Natural Zebra Color. This is a top model of Aria Pro II SB series bass.
Pretty old one, I love it very much.

The different between other SB bass, this bass has very good resonanse.
Without the Amplifier, I could hear very good tone. This was a first impression when I play this bass.
I felt it was a huge different from my other Aria Pro II bass.

This bass is almost no dents and scratches. Previsous use didn't play so much, I guess.
I have been played only this bass till now.

The neck is fat, not like JB. But It is very smooth shape.

Really, great bass.
Now, many good wood materials are gone. this 25 years old bass is really become rare item.
I woud keep this bas just shown on WEB.

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Body Material Zebra wood & chestnut
Neck Material Maple/Rose/Maple RFB
Weight (Kg) 4.59
PU OriginaI MBI Double coil x 2
Condition Mint+
Estimated shipping weight 10@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer Aria Pro II
Model SB-R150
Serial Number xxxxxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1982-84
Body Color Natural
Price Not for sale

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