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Fernandes Revival RST-50 Stratocaster Black

This is 2nd generation revival stratcaster. As you may know the 1st genertion revival have a logo mark which can
remove by scratching. This is perfectly painted over the logo. Also, the brduge saddle hasn't got "Revival mark).
However, the body consutruction is still good and wood material are fine too.

Maybe, it depends on the model, the PU and brdges were cost effective parts.
The PUs are pretty high powered with ceramic magnet under coil. The sound is not bad, but I don't really like it.
The bridge (tremolo) assembling is also not really good replica.

I had 2 these RST both black and SB. This is one of them and did complete rebuilt for this guitar.

1) New Pcik Guard
2) Gotoh ST Classic Alpha (Brand New) X 3
3) Oak Grigsby 5 wey Switch
4) CTS Pot X 3 with Orange drop
5) Switch Craft Out put Jack
6) Gotoh Tremolo Unit (Brand New)

Of course, I use the belden silver coated wire, Wbt Silver solder...
Actually, this is almost new guitar except body and tuner.

The weight is 3.68. The neck is 1P maple with Tiger flamed. The nut width is 42.35mm
I'm not sure about the body material. Iy should be Ash or Alder...I don't have any data.

The body top has a paint crack. But it looks like vintage guitar.

Please try the JV guitar!
We are going to ship the guitar with second hand gigbag.

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Truss Rod Adjustable
Nut Width (mm) 42.35
Bridge Screw Adjustable
Weight (Kg) 3.68
PU Gotoh CL Alpha X 3
Condition Rebuilt
Repair All electric Parts and Bridge
Estimated shipping weight 8 Kg
Price USD 398.00
Brand or Manufacturer Fernandes
Model RST50
Serial Number xxxxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1990-2000
Body Color Black
Body Material Ash ?
Neck Material Maple 1P
Neck Condition Straight/ C grip
Frets Proper

Code : 80000277