Artex hand craft ATE series guitar

Artex was the hand crafted guitar manufacturer here. Flex Corporation distributed this guitar mainly
custom order made. The musician used this guitar are David T. Walker, Bradley Kopp, John Mooney, Paul Raymond
and Japanese Famous Blues Guitarist, Jun Yamagishi.

I knew the president of Flex Corporation. He used to work for Aria and was in charge of domestic distribution.
He is very serious guitar industry management. He is currently managing the Chinese factory and supplied for
Japanese and European market with his new guitars.
Artex is a guitar targeting the serious or professional musicians. They have tried to keep the price proper.
However, they used very good wood/hardware materials.

Please have a look the photos. The wood material is beautiful. They used the 2P ash wood. The neck is
very good birds-eye maple.

When, I get this this guitar, the metal parts has been rusted a bit, electric circuits are damaged.
I started the rebuilding as follows :

1) put the copper shielding (special made UL510/FR spec)) to cover all area included the Tremolo unit cavity like Carlos Santana Strat.
2) Put the Mojotone oil capacitor
3) Use WBT Silver contents solder
4) Output belden silver coated copper 20AWG wired
5) New Gold screw and knobs.
6) New Switch Craft Out Jack

I sometimes use the silver shielding paint. But this time, I use the copper tape because
the use would like to take off, depend on.
The PU cavity is original. I didn't expand the bridge cavity for hunbucker.
You could put humbucker on instead of single.

Now, this guitar is almost noiseless guitar. I think you could use this guitar, even for the recording.
The neck, frets are proper condition. I have adjusted.

Price is including the new Black color hard case.
It is very good pricing, if you are considering to have good quality guitar at proper price.

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Body Material Light Ash 2P
Neck Material Maple 1P 22F
Weight (Kg) 4.12 kg
PU Original
Condition Mint+
Estimated shipping weight 11@Kg (included Hardcase)
Brand or Manufacturer ARTEX
Model ATES
Serial Number xxxxxxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1994-
Body Color Natural
Price USD 798.00

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