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Squire by Fender Japan ST-701M Strat MIJ Fujigen 1983

This is very early production of Fender Japan in 1983.
Many people is looking for the JV serial guitars. Yes, this is JV guitar time guitar.
However, it is not Fender USA replica.
At the beginning of Fender Japan, they offered Fender brad mainly vintage or standard model.
Squire did but they added some own designed guitars.
Yes, this guitar is one of them.

They didn't use the high quality hardware and electric parts.
Well, the body material, anyway, same with JV serial guitar.

If you would like to modify the guitar, this could be good choice for you.
Of course, you could use this guitar as original.

The condition is fair. We can see the a deep scratch on the top.
The previous owner put some paints, even so, it is still visible.

The neck is straight and 43.3 nut width. Body weight is 3.5Kg.

If you are looking for the JV serial time guitar at proper price, this is it.

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Comments from Music-Trade.co.jp

Truss Rod Adjustable
Nut Width (mm) 43.3 approx.
Bridge Screw Adjustable
Weight (Kg) 3.5
PU Original
Condition Fair
Repair None
Estimated shipping weight 8Kg
Price USD 270.00+
Brand or Manufacturer Squire - Fender Japan
Model ST-701M
Serial Number MIJ SQ14xxx
Product Year (Estimated) 1983
Body Color Metallic Red
Body Material Ash (Maybe) 3-4P
Neck Material Maple 1P w/Rose F
Neck Condition Straight
Frets Proper

Code : 80000724