Model Neck Head Neck Nut Width (mm) Finger Board Body Material Weight (Kg) List Price in JYE US$=JYE115
CG-112LG 3X3 Arch Curly Maple 1P/ Set-in Neck 24 3/4 42.3 ebony 380R Top Ash 2P Back/Mahogany 3.2 294,000 2,557
CG-112 3X3 Arch Maple 1p/ Bolt-On 24-3/4 42.3 ebony 400R 2P Light Ash 3.2 273,000 2,374
SG-112LG 6L Curly Maple 1p/ Bolt-On 24-3/4 42.3 ebony 380R Top Ash 2P Back/Mahogany 3.2 274,000 2,383
SG-112 6L Maple 1p/ Bolt-On 24-3/4 42.3 ebony 400R 2P Light Ash 3.2 252,000 2,191
SB-411 4st 3X1 Maple 3P/ Bolt-On 34 inch 41 ebony 400R 2P Light Ash 3.7 294,000 2,557
SB-511 5st 3X2 Maple 3P/ Bolt-On 34 inch 46 ebony 400R 2P Light Ash 4.2 304,500 2,648

AKAI Professional (Discontinued)

Akai Professional Nineteen Ninety-seven (1997) Guitar and Bass

As you know, Akai was very famous Hi-Fi system company before. Just like Nakamichi, Sansui and Denon. These companies were very famous in 1960-90 times.
Very regretfully, these companies are all not existing now, they had all finical troubles since the collapse of the asset-inflated economy.

Akai was taken over by Mitsubishi. Akai professional was one of division of Akai to cover the electric musical instruments section. They became independent company in 1999.

Well, Akai Nineteen Ninety-seven guitars were formally started in 1998. However, due to the re-organization of Akai, the guitars were suddenly discontinued in 1999. It was only 1 year sales.

This guitar was conducted by Mr. H. Shiino of Vestax Corporation. Vestax and Akai have the business relations for DJ equipments. Akai management expected to open the new business with Akai Professional Brand.

Therefore, the outlook of 1997 guitar is very similar with Vestax GV series.I felt that this 1997 was made with many peoplefs passion.Probably, 1997 guitars and basses were the top quality high end products about 15 years ago.

Guitars Line up

CG112CL 3X3 head Arched Top --- Made in USA body & neck
CG112 3X3 head Arched Top --- Made in Japan Body & Neck
6SG112CL 6L head --- Made in USA body & neck
SG112 6L head --- Made in Japan Body & Neck

Bass Guitars Line Up

SB411 4 String Bass --- Made in Japan Body & Neck
SB511 5 Strings --- Made in Japan Body & Neck

There are 6 kinds guitars and Basses. CL means USA made body.
Other models were all made in Japan. All assembling and painting works were done by Vestax, Japan.

It is very seldom t see 1997 guitars and basses, even these are quite good quality.
Most of reasons, well, the production was suddenly stopped because of Akai organization trouble.
Therefore, the number of 1997 series are very limited. I saw a few 1997 guitars on the market. It is very few we can see them even second hand market.

Akai didn't make any endorsement with musicians for this sears. Maybe, they could not make it under their organization trouble. However, we can see Akai 1997 guitar on very famous DVD now. Mr.Tommy Organ played Akai 1997 on the DVD "This is it" (Michael Jackson s DVD). Ms. Orianthi Panagaris became very famous by this DVD with Paul Reed Smith guitar. But, Tommy's guitar back up her lead guitar with very good rhythm.

If anyone knows Akai 1997 player, please let them know these are really good instruments.

The 1997 guitars were built very good quality. The PUs are in use both active and passive.
It is very good quality guitars with clean tone. The PUs balance are also good.
I have some of 1997 now from Vestax factory.These are all brand new condition.
Click the below chart model. If you are interested in any other colors, please contact us. We will check it!

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