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Fender Japan 1982 made MIJ JV Serial Stratocaster

Good JV serial ST62. I could specfy the production year from the seral and its head stock logo mark.
I think all original except the pick gurad (I doubt this pick guard is original).
Good body condition too. Of course, we could see small scratches (like angle hair) and dents.
However, I think it is still great condition as 26 years old guitar.

I owned several JV serials. And sometimes, I sold by clients requests.
I don't want to sell these for re-sell.
Wish to sell these JV for musician, I mean active players.

The neck, frets and electric circuits are proper level (frets have several dents, but still not need to re-fretting yet).
It is not necessary to change now.

The Fender original tweed case will be provided with this guitar, If I would sell.

Well, Good guiter ! I love it.

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Body Material Alder 3P
Neck Material Maple 1P RFB
Weight (Kg) 3.5Kg
PU Original PU-USA Made
Condition Mint
Estimated shipping weight 11@Kg w/hard case
Brand or Manufacturer FENDER JAPAN
Model ST62
Serial Number JV026xx
Product Year (Estimated) 1982
Body Color Sunburst
Price Basically not for sale (ASK)

Specifications (MFG catalog)

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Code : 80020675