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Fender Japan MIJ A Serial Stratocaster 72

When I got this guitar, the PU and electric circuit are all damaged.
Also, the Tremolo unit was rusted...
I made a decision to rebuild this guitar with good parts, specially for blues play.

This is A serial, therefore, the body and neck is better material compare with current Fender Japan.
I've check the body. The body color has been changed by sun light. It is O.K. looks like real old.
Well, please note that many dents and scratches. But the neck is straight, truss rod is work (I grease up),
and frets are not really worn.
The neck pocket had a crack. I have fixed it and re-paint partly (these are mainly under pick guard,
therefore, it is not really visible. Also not effects for playing).

I have selected the following replacement parts

1) Fender USA Tex PU x 3
2) Belden Silver coated Copper wire
3) Mojotone CTS potentiometer x 3
4) New Inch size knobs
5) Oak Grigsby 5 way selector with knob
6) Switchcraft Output Jack
7) Gotoh GE101T/C Tremolo Unit
8) Aluminum Gold Pick Guard
9) Orange drop Capacitor 0.022 600V

I'm thinking the guitar tone is made by pick up and wiring about 80%.
Of course, the good tone wood is important, however, major factors are still on electric parts.
It is specially for the electric guitar.

It is pretty good tone now. I guess most of player will tell me same thing.

Well, this is for player's guitar. If you are looking for the guitar as collection, please do not take this guitar.
But if you will play the blues on stage, I think you will like it.

Well, Good guitar ! If you like to purchase good time FJ + current good electric parts strat, this is one!

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Body Material Alder or basswood 3P
Neck Material Maple 1P RFB
Weight (Kg) 3.53
PU Fender USA TEX Pu X 3
Condition Rebuilt
Estimated shipping weight 8@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer FENDER JAPAN
Model ST-72
Serial Number MIJ A serial
Product Year (Estimated) 1985
Body Color White
Price USD 578.00+

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