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Fender Japan MIJ E Serial Stratocaster 57

Well, proper condition E serial 57 model.
It should be all original specification.
The PU is Fender Japan original.

The neck is straight with standard C grip. The frets are fine not worn really.
The electric circuit are fine. I'm not sure about the body material. Maybe, basswood, or alder 3P. It is 3.5 Kg.
Only around the pick guard, it has the picking scratches. You can see it on the photo.
Maybe, if you polish by compound, then it will be fibe again. But this is vintage guitar. It is up to you...

The neck plate has the Fender press marked on. This plate is used only for before 90 made?
Anyway, Fujigen made stratocaster. There are not serious rusted metal parts. Well, it looks old enough.

Well, Good guitar ! If you like to purchase good time FJ strat, this is one!

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Comments from Music-Trade.co.jp

Body Material Basswood or alder 3P
Neck Material Maple 1P
Weight (Kg) 3.5Kg
PU Original
Condition Mint-
Estimated shipping weight 8@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer FENDER JAPAN
Model ST57
Serial Number MIJ E serial
Product Year (Estimated) 1985
Body Color Black
Price USD 598.00+

Specifications (MFG catalog)

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