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Fender Japan MIJ E serial Walnut Strat

I could not specify the model of this guitar. But this guitar has 95 number by hand writing on Body.
I could guess It was JYE 95,000 List price over 20 years ago.
The wood is walnut 1P. It was coated by Polyurethane paint originally.
When I got it it has meny scratches and dents, also the paint was color changed a bit milky.
I hate it and took off the paint and finish by oil.
Please note that I didn't coloring this body. This is natural pattern and color.
The PU cavity is interchangeable with HSH type. I guess that Fender Japan offered HSH, SSH type with this guitar.
This guitar had a 3 single PU when I got. But these were not Fender Made.

I refinished , then put all New Gotoh parts.

# Gold Tuner SG503
# Gold Tremolo Unit w/ Steel Block type GE101TS-GG
# String Guide RG130
# Strap Pin EP-B1 GG
# Jack Plat JCS-1
# Neck Plate NBS-3
# Mojotone Aluminum Gold Pickguard

Why I could put these easy? Well, we are offering the guitar parts as dealer in Japan.
Otherwise, I could not put them...

I have ordered my vender to send me Fender Vintage noiseless too. The PUs are all new.
Put CTS, Oak Selector, Orange drop with Belden silver coated copper wire...with WBT silver contents Soldering.

The neck is straight with standard C Shape. he truss rod is fine.
The frets are proper condition (has worn but it is still O.K.).

Total weight of this guitar is 3.87Kg.

Good guitar! Try Fender Japan 1P Walnut body !!!

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Body Material Walnut 1P
Neck Material Maple 1P
Weight (Kg) 3.87
PU Fender Vintage Noiseless
Condition Rebuit (Good)
Estimated shipping weight 8@Kg
Brand or Manufacturer FENDER JAPAN
Model ST-Walnut
Serial Number MIJ E900271
Product Year (Estimated) 1985
Body Color Natural - Oil Finish
Price USD 798.00

Specifications (MFG catalog)

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Code : 80021145