Description on neck Serial Number Production year
Made in Japan JV + 5digits 1982-1984
Made in Japan SQ + 5digits 1983-1984
Made in Japan E + 6digits 1984-1987
Made in Japan A + 6digits 1985-1986
Made in Japan B + 6digits 1985-1986
Made in Japan C + 6digits 1985-1986
Made in Japan F + 6digits 1986-1987
Made in Japan G + 6digits 1987-1988
Made in Japan H + 6digits 1988-1989
Made in Japan I + 6digits 1989-1990
Made in Japan J + 6digits 1989-1990
Made in Japan K + 6digits 1990-1991
Made in Japan L + 6digits 1991-1992
Made in Japan M + 6digits 1992-1993
Made in Japan N + 6digits 1993-1994
Made in Japan O + 6digits 1993-1994
Made in Japan P + 6digits 1993-1994
Made in Japan Q + 6digits 1993-1994
Made in Japan S + 6digits 1994-1995
Made in Japan T + 6digits 1994-1995
Made in Japan U + 6digits 1995-1996
Made in Japan V + 6digits 1996-1997
Crafted in Japan A + 6digits 1997-1998
Crafted in Japan N + 5digits 1997-1998
Crafted in Japan O0 + 5digits 1997-2000
Crafted in Japan P0 + 5digits 1999-2002
Crafted in Japan Q0 + 5digits 2002-2004
Crafted in Japan R0+ 5digits 2002-2006
Crafted in Japan S0+ 5digits 2006-2007

Fender JAPAN Serial Number Guide

The following chart came from Fender Japan official Homepage (Japanese only)
Fender Japan never announced the manufacturers detailed.
The OEM contractors for Fender Japan are Fujigen, Dyna, Terada and Tokai.
We are sure that JV and E serials are Fujigen made. Early production lot have the
serial number on head under Fender logo mark.

The serial starting from A,B,C, .... serials are Fujigen, Terada and Dyna. These serials were made by 3 manufacturers.
But we could specify which manufacturer from the letter.
Fujigen used like decal "Made in Japan" in Gothic font at the end of neck. Terada's "Made in Japan" is different
Gothic font from Fujigen used. Dyna's "Made in Japan" is like stamp on.

From 1997, most of guitars were made by Dyna and Tokai as "Crafted in Japan".
Particularly, Tokai made MIJ is in cursive style.

We could not 100% guarantee about this number guide. However, I've handled many FJ.
This should be a guidance for reading Fender Japan serial.

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