Code Model MFG/Description Condition Price in US$
80020777 LP-Special Orville LP Special Wine red 2PU Mint- Sold
80021305 LPS-85F Orville LP STD Flame top FUJIGEN Mint Sold
80021211 LP-JR Orville Les Paul Jr.#606xxx Fujigen Mint Sold
80000114 LPJD-70 TS Orville LP Jr. TV Tabacco SB 1 PU Mint Sold
80000117 LPSP Orville LP Special Tabacco SB 2 PU Mint- Sold
80000250 LPJD-70 TS Orville LP Jr. TV Tabacco SB 1 PU Mint Sold
80000390 LPS-80 Orville LP STD Gold top FUJIGEN Rebuilt Sold
80000391 LPJ-70HC Orville Les Paul Jr. Cherry Red Mint Sold
80000397 LPC-80W Orville Les Paul CTM White Mint- Sold
80000620 LPJD-70HC Orville Les Paul Jr. Cherry Red Fair Sold
80000629 LPS-80B Orville LP STD Black FUJIGEN Mint- Sold
80000672 LPJ-70HC Orville by Gibson Les Paul Jr. Cherry Red Mint- Sold
80000678 LPS-85F SB Orville LP STD Flame top FUJIGEN Mint Sold
80000694  LPS-75 SB  Orville LP STD Plain top FUJIGEN  Mint  Sold
80000696  LPS-85F SB  Orville LP STD Flame top FUJIGEN  Fair Sold
80000748   SG62CH  Orville SG-62 Model Cherry FUJIGEN   Mint-  528.00+
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EX-Mint Almost like New, All original
Mint+ No scratch, dent, Metal parts fair, Original Parts
Mint Good Condition, some parts are replaced
Fair Fair, but some parts are replaced
Rebuild Rebulid, good condition
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