Code BRAND Model MFG/Description Condition Price in US$
80000112 CAMEL CSC-500 N Strat Natural MFB 70's made MIJ Rebuit Sold
80000557 CAMEL CSC-500 W Strat White RFB 70's made MIJ Mint 320.00+
80020776 CAMEL CSC-500 YS Strat Sunbusrt 70's made MIJ Mint Sold
80020933 CAMEL CSC-500 W Strat White RFB 70's made MIJ Mint- Sold
80021335 CAMEL CLP-800 Les Paul STD w/JP circuit Rebuilt Sold
 80000804 CAMEL  ST-Mini Strat Mini SB MFB  Rebuilt  148.00+
 80000845 CANDA(FUJIGEN) #101  Original Shape Acoustic 1975?? made  Mint  248.00+
80000632 COLUMBIA CSG-631 Columbia Guitar 60's made Mint- 298.00+
80000644 COLUMBIA CSG-631 Columbia Guitar 60's made Mint- 328.00+
80000638 DUNCAN DS-100 Traditional Strat ESP made Mint- Sold
80000658 DUNCAN DS-100R/M Traditional Strat ESP made Mint- 655.00+
80000665 DUNCAN DS-100W/R Traditional Strat ESP made Mint- Sold
80000738 DUNCAN DT-100N/M Traditional TELE ESP made Mint- Sold
80000217 ELK PT-390 or 500 SG@Model 1972 Made Mint- Sold
80000340 ELK ELK-CUSTOM Custom Guitar Mint- N.F.S.
80020750 ELK PT-390 SG@Model 1972 Made Mint ASK
80020780 ELK MB-440 Les Paul@Model 1972 Made Mint Sold
80020810 ELK MB-440 Les Paul@Model 1972 Made MOD Rebuilt Sold
80021275 ELK CR-490 Strat Natural MFB Mint- ASK
 80000818 ELK  GR-298  ELK Original Guitar Mint-  ASK
80020300 ESP YELLOW TIGER George Lynch Yellow Tiger Original 1985 Mint+ Sold
80021018 ESP SP-01 Navigator ST Esparto Black Mint- Sold
80000688 ESP SP-01 Navigator ST Esparto Sunburst Hard Tail Mint- Sold
 80000824 ESP  SP-01 RED Navigator Esparto Trans. Red Rebuilt   980.00+
80000826 ESP  SP-01 SB  Navigator Esparto Rose FB Sunburst Mint-    880.00+
80000173 FOUNDER FST Strat Model N/M Late 70's made Mint- Sold
80020542 FOUNDER FST-20W Strat White MFB Mint Sold
80020546 FOUNDER FST-20YS Strat Sunburst MFB Mint Sold
80021044 FOUNDER FST-20 Strat Sunburst MFB Mint- Sold
80000530 FRAMPTON TE-450N Matsumoku TL Thinline Mint- Sold
80020503 GALLAN FIREBIRD Gallan Chushin Gakki Firebird 1980 made Mint- Sold
80021257 GALLAN LPP-2G Gallan Les Paul CTM Black Fair Sold
 80000811 GIBSON  SG-SPECIAL  Gibson USA SG 2010+ made Black P-90 Rebuilt 698.00+
80000612 HEARTMAN LP Model Heartman Les Paul Model (suzuki made) Mint- Sold
80020446 HISONUS ST722-BK Hisonus Strat 72 70's made Black MFB Mint- Sold
80020971 HISONUS ST650N Hisonus Strat 72 70's made Natural MFB Mint- Sold
 80000495 HISONUS  ST650W-R Hisonus Strat 72 70's made White RFB  Mint-   298398.00+
80020321 HISTORY ZLS90-CFS History Les Paul STD type Black Trans. Mint+ Sold
80020506 HISTORY ATL History Aluminum body Telecaster Mint Sold
80000821 HISTORY  ZLS100-CFS  History Les Paul STD type  Mint  830.00+
80020448 HOLLY SE-700 3TS Holly Strat 3TS RFB 70's made Mint- Sold
80000745 HONEY SG-5 Honey 60's made Rick Model Mint- 598.00+
80000722 IBANEZ AR-105AV Ibanez Artist 1982 Made Mint- 748.00+
80000732 IBANEZ #2681 Ibanez Bob Weir Model 1979 Mint- N.F.S.
80000817 IBANEZ  AS200  Ibanez J. Scofiled Model MIJIb  Mint-   1,520.00
80000251 JHON BENETT JST-60 JOHN BENNET Strat Red Matching head Rebuilt ASK
80000538 JHON BENETT BST-500N Strat Natural/MFB Mint- Sold
80020508 JHON BENETT ST-500S Strat Sunburst Mint ASK
80020647 JHON BENETT BTS550YS Tele Sunburst Fair Sold
80020833 JHON BENETT ST500N John Benett Strat Natural Mint Sold
80021157 JHON BENETT BTS550N Tele Custom Natural Fair Sold
 80000806 JOE BARDEN PGM  ST MODEL Joe Barden Strat Proto type  Mint   N.F.S.
80000209 KAWAI F1-Jr F1-Jr 1978-79 made Very good condition Mint+ N.F.S.
80000478 MORALES ZES-300BK Mid 60's Moslite Model (Zenon) Mint- Sold
80000807 MORALES ZES-300BK  Mid 60's Moslite Model (Zenon) Rebuilt 398.00+
80000292 OAKLAND ST Kiso Suzuki Violin Strat Replica Mint N.F.S.
80000347 ORANGRE OS-550 3TS Strat 3TS 1976 made Mint- Sold
80000406 ORANGRE OS-550 3TS Strat 3TS 1976 made Mint- Sold
80000517 ORANGRE OS-550W/R Strat Small Head White/RFB 1977 made Fair 398.00+
80000649 ORANGRE OS-550 Strat 3TS 1977-78 made Mint- Sold
80020443 ORANGRE OS-550 3TS Strat 3TS 1975 made Mint Sold
80000543 ORNETTS GM6.1-TBU Orginal Guitar (ASAHI MOKKO) Mint N.F.S.
80000549 ROCKY Unknown Rocky Though Neck Guitar H/H Mint- 348.00+
80000697 ROCKY Unknown Rocky Though Neck Guitar H/H Mint- 348.00+
80020752 ROJE ST-MODEL Strat Fair Sold
80020465 SPLENDER ST72-BK-MH Strat Black Matching head RFB Fair Sold
80000083 SUZUKI ST-Model Strat Sunburst Fair Sold
80020631 SUZUKI ST Strat 72 MFB Mint Sold
80020851 SUZUKI ST MODEL Strat Sunburst Mint Sold
80000206 TAKAMINE GZ-340 Solid Guitar strat shape Mint- Sold
80020749 THUNDER ES-330 Strat 72 Sunburst MFB 70'S Made Mint Sold
80020464 TOMSON ST62-CA Strat Candy AppleMatching head RFB Mint- Sold
80000516 VANTAGE VA-900 Matsumoku Though Neck Mint N.F.S.
80000707 WASHBURN MG-700N MG-700 Natural Mint-? Sold
80020605 WESTMINSTER ST-330BL Strat Black MFB Matsumoku Fair ASK
80020794 WESTMINSTER ST-330BL Strat Black MFB Matsumoku Mint- Sold
80000819 ZEN-ON ZES-80T  Original Guitar 60's made Mint-   ASK

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Click the modeling, then you could see the detailed.
Most of 70's made JV Start replica are "ASK". These are all collection
of music-trade. If you would like to purchase those "ASK" items, Please
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you could purchase at a price. We sometimes sell even "NFS" items,
If I feel to sell that time.

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